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Tampa Custody Lawyer on timesharing modifications

Holidays can be a particularly stressful time for couples and families on a time sharing schedule. Depending on your situation, the matter of timesharing can be very difficult for the children of divorced spouses or parents who were never married during major holidays. This is especially true if you have not put your differences aside and do not celebrate together as a family or blended family. In a perfect world, every divorced couple would work together for the benefit of the children as many ex-spouses do, but for most, holiday time sharing can become emotionally charged and this is never in the best interest of the children, regardless of the age of your children.

  1. Timesharing in Florida is governed by the Florida Statutes and depending on what county you reside, each family court may have established their own basic time sharing guidelines. When the parties cannot agree, these guidelines are utilized to establish custody, visitation and timesharing. Holiday schedules for timesharing are generally based on an odd-even calendar, with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and winter break being split up between the two parents, alternating every year. During the major holidays, it is natural for both parents to want to be with their children. The excitement and sharing in family traditions are important and heartfelt, especially if you have younger children. Couples often get so wrapped up in their own emotions, they tend to forget to be aware of the needs and feelings of the children during this time. Understand that most children are feeling the effects of having one parent who is absent during the major holidays and for children who spend most of the time with one parent, it is can be even more difficult. Although every situation is different, in most cases, putting the best interest of your family as a whole, but particularly putting your children first, benefits everyone involved.

When parents cannot agree to come together to work out a reasonable timeshare schedule, it is up to the Judge to decide and approve a time sharing schedule and parenting plan.  As an alternative to having a judge decide how timesharing will be ordered, parents can agree to work together amicably on holidays and throughout the year, working out a schedule that not only satisfies both parties, but one that will look to the best interest of the children. Being flexible and agreeable is often times difficult, especially when you are newly divorced or separated and it is usually why most of the time a Judge will enter an order for timesharing and visitation. Once a timesharing order is issued, it can be modified. Parents often decide to modify their custody or timesharing agreements and will look to a child custody lawyer who will draw up the necessary petitions for modification to be filed with the courts after their final judgment has been entered.

If you would like more information about modifying a timeshare order or establishing a timeshare or custody order, please contact Nilo J Sanchez & Associates, Tampa family law attorney at 813-879-4600.

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