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Tampa Divorce Attorney on Alimony Reform (HB943)

Florida Alimony Reform

March 25th, 2015 – UpdateTampa divorce attorney


Alimony has certainly been a sore spot for Florida couples who are divorcing and depending on which side you are on (payee or payer) you will be viewing alimony reform through a very different set of goggles.  The big question for most divorcing couples after child support and asset division is, “what is the best way to minimize damage in a divorce when it comes to alimony?” For those couples who are open to divorce mediation, these divorce cases have a tendency to fair better than those that go through litigation, especially if they go into mediation with an open mind. However,  this is clearly difficult for many spouses because there are usually hurt feelings getting in the way of rational decision making.

divorce mediation Tampa
Divorce Mediation

As a Tampa divorce attorney, it is my job to represent my client in a way that will produce the best outcome.  Often times that means avoiding costly litigation, and instead choosing to mediate with the opposing party and their divorce lawyer.  With both parties in agreement, it certainly minimizes the anxiety over how a judge might rule with regards to alimony. In high asset divorces, mediating most always wins out over litigation. One may think this is a defeatists way of handling a divorce case but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it’s time to litigate, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates  is more than a tenacious divorce lawyer in the courtroom. However, we’ve found that whenever possible the best results are rendered to clients who agreed to mediation.  From a financial and emotional standpoint, it’s often better to mediate than to litigate when you weigh the costs and stress involved in a lengthy divorce lawsuit.

What Will Change if HB943 Passes?

So, while the wheels of “justice” continue to spin, many will be sitting with baited breath. There are those who have been seeking alimony reform so they can petition the courts for modification of alimony, and those who are wondering how there lives will change should their permanent alimony be taken from them or reduced. Until then, we wait and see how it will all play out and continue to provide our clients with representation that is in their very best interest, and the best interest of their family as a whole. Whether it’s mediating or litigating your divorce case, Tampa divorce attorney  Nilo J. Sanchez and Associates will fight for our clients with the tenacity needed to get the best results possible.

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