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Tampa Child Custody Attorney on Parenting Plans

Tampa Child Custody Attorney, Nilo J. Sanchez on Parenting Plans

When Florida couples divorce, one of the hardest things for most parents to accept is that they will likely have equal time sharing with the children. This is often very difficult for many parents because now both parents will have to endure the absence of the children during specific times, including weekdays, holidays, school breaks, etc.,  It is crucial to put your emotions aside and work together by developing a parenting plan that is geared toward putting the children first. Tampa child custody lawyer Nilo J Sanchez can help you make this transition as easy as possible for the children and it is beneficial to everyone involved. The courts will generally look favorably upon parents who are striving to maintain the relationship the children have with both parents.

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There are occasions where it is not in the best interest of the child or children to spend equal time with one or the other parent.  Abuse or violence is often cited, but the courts generally will side with shared parental responsibility or equal

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time sharing or “custody” except under conditions where it is very clear that by doing so, the child would be in danger. Mediation and collaboration is always recommended to come to the very best solution for the children, and family as a whole.

In cases where you need an aggressive child custody lawyers in Tampa, The family law firm of Sanchez & Associates will fight for your rights and the rights of your children.  Attorney Sanchez has over two decades of experience litigating child custody cases in Tampa Bay, including surrounding areas. If you need a child custody lawyer in St. Petersburg, Clearwater or an experienced Family law and divorce attorney in Pasco County, Florida, call our law firm for assistance and a consultation.

Florida Law on Child Custody, Time-sharing

Florida law  presumes that maintaining frequent and continued contact with both mother and father is in the very best interest of the child or children of divorcing couples or couples who are not married. It is also presumed that parental responsibility should be shared by both parents. Again, unless sharing equal time would be detrimental to the child or children, most Judges are going to rule on shared custody. Still, usually one parent, either mother or father will have general primary custody over the children establishing the child’s primary residence and care. Establishing a parenting plan for the courts will help to identify the division and schedule of time spent with the child or children, indicating how time will be divided during school days, major holidays, birthdays, etc.  Demonstrating to the Judge that you are willing to be flexible with the other parent, establishing a fair time sharing schedule and responsibilities for your children is usually in the very best interest of the child. Often times, this can also result in determining which parent will have primary residence.
Florida Parenting Plans and Long Distance Visits
Many counties in Florida provide basic guidelines for developing parenting plans. These can differ from county to county. If your divorce or child custody case is in Tampa for instance, the family courts may recommend time sharing and have parenting plan guidelines that are different from other counties in Florida. Remember, these are guidelines and the Judges can use their own discretion when ruling on a Tampa Bay child custody case. When parents live long distances from each other, it is usually not in the best interest of the child to share equal time during a school year for example, and therefore the mother or father who does not have primary custody will then likely be given additional time during spring, summer or winter breaks.  There are also recommendations that consider the age of the child, and how long distance travel may effect timeshare recommendations and rulings. Again, it is always best to mediate custody and parenting plan issues to reach a common goal for the best interest of the family as a whole. However, if you need an aggressive child custody lawyer in Tampa who can litigate your case in court, Sanchez & Associates has over two decades of experience as a family law attorney in Tampa, Florida.
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We offer many forms on our website for Tampa Bay divorcing couples. Please feel free to download a Florida parenting plan or a long distance parenting plan on our website.
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