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Tampa Divorce Lawyer on Mediation and Florida Divorces

What is Mediation in a Florida Divorce Case?

Many divorcing couples in Florida wonder if they will be forced to go to mediation during their divorce or if they can go straight to trial to have a judge decide the outcome. Tampa family law attorney discusses briefly below, what mediation is, what you might expect and how it can benefit you in your divorce case.

At some juncture in a Florida divorce proceeding the parties involved may be ordered by the courts to attend mediation or the parties can actually request mediation. In family law cases in Tampa, Florida mediation can be valuable as it is a process for resolving typical disputes that arise in divorce cases. A Florida Supreme Court certified mediator conducts the mediation according to rules and statutes which requires the mediators to remain neutral work together for the good of all parties, and to agree not to force either party into agreements.
Tampa divorce attorney on Florida divorce and mediation
Can mediation help me in my Tampa Divorce or Family Court Case?

Mediation can be extremely valuable, especially in divorce cases where emotions are high and where children are involved. Tampa divorce attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has spent decades in Tampa, Florida courts and has seen the benefits that mediation can have. Generally, couples will be ordered to try to work out their differences via mediation which can aide in the following:

  • If there are children as a result of the marriage, mediation helps parents to learn how not to involve the children
  • Parents can learn how to settle initial disputes, which can contribute to improved communications for any future disputes.
  • An agreement that is reached in mediation is tailored to the families needs as a whole.
  • Mediation can sometimes improve the communication skills required for divorcing couples, just by going through the process
  • Mediation can save clients who are divorcing in Tampa Bay a great deal of time and money compared to cases that proceed and are litigated through the Tampa Family Courts.
  • Mediation is completely confidential, unlike hearings in front of a Judge which are a matter of public record.

Do I Need a Tampa Divorce Lawyer if I go to Mediation?

It is not necessary to have a lawyer attend mediation, but in many cases, Tampa Divorce Lawyer Nilo J Sanchez is already retained by the time mediation is either ordered by the family Judge or, the couples agree to mediate. Attorney Sanchez believes that there is nothing more important than your family, and works together with his clients and the opposing party or their attorney to ensure that the best outcome is reached, and his client’s goals are met. If you are represented by a Tampa divorce attorney,  the lawyers are likely to attend the mediation with you.  It’s important to note that most people find it necessary to hire a Tampa divorce attorney, simply because the mediator lacks the option to provide any type of legal advice. Once you have agreed to to terms in mediation and it is finalized in court, it can be very challenging to modify these final orders, without substantial changes being present. It’s always best to get the best results the first time, to avoid future complications.

What Will be the Main areas of Focus in Family Mediation?

If you are ordered by the judge to attend Family Mediation, then the mediator together with your lawyer will meet with the mediator and the other party’s attorney to discuss a variety of issues. These may or may not apply and you may have specific more unique issues to settle in mediation. Some of the matters that can be mediated are as follows:

Once you are in mediation, you will be able to communicate your wants and needs and try to work out your differences until a resolution is reached. The mediator will do their best to work with you and the opposing party to help you to find solutions to help you settle your differences.  Mediators are allowed to speak with the individuals separately as well.

What if I Cannot Settle in Mediation?

The good thing about mediation, is that whatever takes place must not be used against you if your divorce case goes to trial. Again, if you do not settle, it’s works to your benefit if you have had a Tampa divorce attorney representing you during the mediation process. There are many reasons that this can be beneficial, especially in cases where a settlement cannot be reached through mediation, or in extremely difficult cases or high asset divorce cases.

If you would like more information about how the mediation process works, or if you are considering a divorce or have been served with a petition for divorce lawsuit, contact Tampa divorce attorney, Nilo J Sanchez and Associates to set up a consultation at Phone: 813-879-4600.

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