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Abiding by Parenting Plans and the Holidays

High Conflict Child Custody Issues and the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, the questions of enforcing parenting plans and child custody, is at the forefront. In Florida, parenting plans generally provide for an odd-even holiday timesharing schedule. An example of a typical parenting plan schedule for the holidays would be an odd-even schedule. For instance, the mother may have the children on Thanksgiving and Father would have winter holiday the same year and they would switch the following year. Unfortunately, this time of year can be a highly emotional time for some parents who share time with their minor children, especially when there is high conflict.

Motion for Enforcement & Contempt

Even when divorced parents or parents who otherwise share time with their minor children are amicable, the holidays can be a very difficult time. Parents who have a history of conflict can be even more “at-odds” during the holiday season. Any prior, ongoing timesharing struggles bring a greater amount of stress, frustration and strife. Some of the issues that may be cause to file a motion for enforcement and contempt of timesharing are:

  • Refusing a parent his or her timeshare
  • Taking the children out of State for the holidays without properly notifying the other parent may be reason to seek out an enforcement order of your parenting plan.
  • Parent is refusing to exercise their scheduled timesharing
  • Other extreme interference or alienation that causes timesharing interruption or conflict

What can you do to find resolve to shared parenting and custody issues during the holidays?

Addressing timesharing matters as soon as they arise is generally the best course of action. Certainly, there are times when parents can and should work together if minor problems arise. But, if you have had ongoing difficulty with the parent of your child, you shouldn’t wait for the behavior that you know will only be amplified during the holidays. Allowing an offending parent to continue to ignore a court ordered parenting plan is not beneficial to you or your children. When there are blatant and/or chronic abuses of a parenting plan that go unaddressed, it usually doesn’t get better by ignoring the problem. There is hope.  Nilo J Sanchez offers sound legal solutions and compassionate family law representation to parents with child custody and timesharing matters.

Attorney Sanchez has 25 years of experience as a child custody lawyer in Tampa Bay.  We believe that “Nothing is More Important than Your Family.” If you have been refused timesharing and have a court ordered parenting plan, we would be happy to consult with you. If you are a father who has not yet established paternity and you would like to petition the courts for timesharing with your child, we can help.  Nilo J Sanchez is a top-rated child custody and family law attorney located in Tampa and represents clients in multiple jurisdictions. Our office is conveniently located in Tampa and our family law attorneys represent clients who need a top-rated Family Law Attorney in Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Dade City, Clearwater and surrounding Tampa Bay jurisdictions.

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