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Florida Divorces

In Florida divorces are governed by Florida Statutes, Chapter 61. Everything from child support, to custody or timeshare and equitable distribution is governed under the Florida Statutes. If you have decided that your marriage is irrevocably broken or if you are unmarried and are seeking to establish paternity or obtain support,  it is wise to consult with a Tampa or Florida divorce lawyer to learn what your rights are.

If you have thought about representing yourself in your divorce case, you may not understand your rights under Florida Statutes and this is where a divorce lawyer can help.  If you are going to try and represent yourself you don’t want to give up rights that you may not  know existed, or rights that you didn’t think you were entitled to, such as financial assistance or temporary relief, attorney fees, child support or visitation with your children.

Spouses seeking a divorce in Florida most always want to get through the divorce process quickly, affordably and with minimum aggravation. When children are involved, it is important to find a divorce attorney who will put the best interest of your entire family at the forefront. The best Tampa divorce lawyer will be one that you are personally comfortable with and who will make sure that matters such as child support, visitation, health insurance, alimony and the division of property is settled in a manner that will ensure the best outcome for you and your children.

Contested divorces are common in Florida and most always require the assistance of an aggressive Tampa, Florida divorce lawyer. Hiring a divorce lawyer who is familiar with the courts and judges in your area can be beneficial and it is particularly beneficial to hire an attorney who has extensive experience in family law. Although may lawyers can represent you in a divorce case in Tampa Bay, hiring a lawyer that practices in the area of divorce and family law is recommended for the best outcome.  Your divorce lawyer should be capable of both mediating and settling matters so that both parties can agree, and also be able to aggressively fight for your rights should your divorce case go to trial.

If you have been served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, or would like to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, you will have to fill out financial affidavits, with the exception of in simplified divorces, and timeshare schedules  if children are involved. Florida is subject to the equitable distribution law and Florida Court is required to set apart to each spouse that spouses’ non-marital assets and liabilities. There are certain assets that are not subject to this law and a good Tampa divorce lawyer will make sure your assets are properly defended. In the case of high asset divorce cases, you want a family law attorney who has experience and resources to make sure that everything that you have worked hard for, is properly divided and protected. Forensic accountants are often used in high asset divorce cases in Tampa, Florida. divorces involving intellectual property, business interests, reimbursements, inheritances and other assets. Complicated tax issues can permeate a high asset divorce, so it is very important that your divorce lawyer understands all areas of high asset divorces.

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