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Motion for Contempt & Enforcement Florida Divorce Cases

In Tampa Bay Florida, many times, once a final order in a divorce or family law case is over, parties will inevitably end up back in court on a motion of contempt or enforcement.

There are two different types of contempt of court in family law matters and either one can cause problems for the party being charged if found guilty.  Fees, fines, jail time and/or other consequences can occur if you are found in contempt of court.

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What is a Motion for Contempt and Enforcement?

Filing a motion for contempt and enforcement with the Tampa Bay Family courts means that one party is asking the courts to find the other party in a family law or divorce case guilty of not abiding by the court’s order. Contempt may be of a criminal nature or a civil nature and can occur inside and/or outside of the courtroom.

 The “I Didn’t Know”Defense – Filing for Divorce Modifications

Whether or not contempt is thought of by a party as their willful neglect to abide by the court or not, claiming ignorance is never a good defense. If you have been ordered by a Judge to do or not do something, it’s final and enforceable. Doing anything without the expressed permission of the court can result in contempt and a motion for enforcement.

Types of cases that can go back in front of a Florida family law judge are as follows:

If you’ve been ordered to pay child support  or alimony don’t stop paying it. If you are struggling to pay it and there has been a substantial and permanent change in your circumstances, contact a Tampa divorce attorney who can petition the courts before there is a motion for contempt and enforcement filed against you. The same applies to alimony payments and final orders.

If you have been ordered to have timesharing and you have not been able to see your children, you should contact a child custody attorney in Tampa who can file the proper legal documents and motions with the courts to get the timesharing you deserve.

If you are not abiding by your timesharing schedule it can result in a contempt and enforcement lawsuit being brought against you. If you lose and you are found guilty of withholding timesharing or, if either of the parents are not abiding in any way by the court ordered timesharing schedule, either party could find themselves in civil contempt. Not showing up for your court ordered timesharing can also be cause for enforcement.

Family Law Tampa

Family law matters can be very emotionally charged. There are so many issues that can come up after your divorce or your family law case is settled. Keep in mind however, that once an order is entered, you must go through the courts and the necessary steps if you need enforcement or any type of divorce modification. A Tampa divorce attorney  or Tampa family law attorney can help you try to achieve your goals and avoid any unnecessary legal consequences.

Contact divorce lawyer Nilo J. Sanchez and Associates for a consultation. With over 25 years as a family law attorney in Tampa Bay, attorney Sanchez knows how to defend your rights in a divorce or family law case. You will receive sound, legal advice for your unique case. We serve clients who need a family law lawyer in Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Brandon, Valrico and in Land O’ Lakes area of Pasco and Pinellas County, Florida.




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